is an online Marketplace and becoming a Leading online Brand Shop in Bangladesh, where customer can find all essential, high-valued, quality and exclusive products at reasonable price  in one place and Merchants can sell their products 24 hours all over the country.

Benefits of online Business:

Suppose, you are importing or selling exclusive products, but large segment of potential customers does not know about it. Think about traditional cost for placing a billboard, paper ad or if you want one more showroom or branch for your business. Online business not only maximizes your business robustly also the smart way of sell will reduce the cost radically.

Simple steps to start selling on   


Register & List your products 

  • Provide details of yourself and your business
  • Provide information about your products


Receive Orders & Sell across Bangladesh

  • Once listed you can start selling
  • Receive orders and manage them using the seller center


Package & Ship:

  • On receiving orders simply package the product and drop the packages to our partner locations.
  • With First you can simply deliver us the products, We will store, package and ship your products.
  • You can deliver the product at our office; we will deliver it to Customer using Courier Service OR We can collect product from your outlet for delivery OR You can deliver the product to Customer.


Get Payments and grow your business

  • Receive payments directly in your account
  • Expand your business in a smartest way 
  • Save Money for ypu & your business by buying on


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