► How to buy from TreeMartin.com :

► To buy online from Treemartin.com, please follow the procedures-

 Firstly, go to your web browser and type in Treemartin.com to visit Treemartin’s website.
➳ If you are a registered user of Treemartin , then click on SIGN IN and type in your email address and password to LOG IN. If you are not a a registered user of Treemartin, then click on REGISTER and fill in your name, email ID, address, phone number and all other required information and submit it.

➳ To go through product categories, go to Treemartin’s home page and click on the different category banners set out on the home page. You will also find other category tabs above with listed products of your selected category

➳ If you prefer an item, click on it. To have a closer look, place your cursor on the image of the selected product to zoom into it. Click on SIZE CHART to match your product size (if any) to your preferred size.

➳ Click on PRODUCT DESCRIPTION tab below to read through the description of the selected product.

➳ After selecting your preferred size, fill in your preferred quantity/number of the product and click on ADD TO CART.

➳ Click on "My Cart" option on the upper portion of this website and cart page will be open and now Click on "View cart" option . 

➳ You can update 'Quantity' by pressing "+ or -" button.

➳ Click "Checkout" option Proceed  for buying .

 Now click "Confirm order" .

➳ Your Purchasing is completed . and wait for the Treemartin.com phone call to confirm your order.

 if you are a new user( Register) then register your account by following steps as per website direction and then follow the above procedure to buy any product from TreeMartin.com.

► To Buy over the Phone Call:

You can also Purchase your choice-able products Over Phone call order
► +880 1671 400 004
► +880 1781 149 219

Account Registration/Account Opening At TreeMartin.com

To know about account registration, please watch the following video -

Account Opening Procedure